What do you get when you fuse the lyrical style of Hip Hop's Golden Era with the forward thinking approach of the New Age/ New School artist? Willi.M Blake. His distinct, clear voice is often heard over futuristic backdrops; all the while providing an old school appeal.


     Willi.M Blake, is a multifaceted songwriter/recording artist from Woodbridge, Virginia (DMV). His music contains clever wordplay combined with a delivery that is very distinct, clear, and recognizable. The lyricism displayed in his music is a reflection of his life experiences, often narrating the struggles that surrounded him and his family growing up. Humble beginnings helped foster much of the content in his music, and being the son of a jazz/funk player, music has always been apart of his life. His inspiration to create music came from the need to provide hope and be a voice for the less fortunate; so that they too can be inspired to rise out of humble circumstances to make something more of their lives.

     As a musician, he doesn't believe in a one-dimensional approach. Instead, he strives to be diverse in his musical selection, ever evolving and reinventing himself to transcend genres, while always staying true to himself in the process.

     His storytelling method touches on an array of subjects from family, growth, maturity and reflection, to politics, race and other controversial issues. He is neither underground nor a commercial artist, but rather a hybrid of the two. He coins this style "Conscious Commercial".

     There are artists who think inside the box and some who think outside the box, but to Willi.M Blake, the box doesn't exist... That line of thinking was how 'The Anti Genre Society' or HashT.A.G. Society was born!